November 04, 2011

Fabulous Friday

The interior layout for King's Warrior is finished and submitted!!!! Happy dancing ensues.

This is the culmination of nearly two year's worth of re-writing and editing that this book, originally titled The Dragon's Eye, has undergone. The re-write started in March of '09 because 1) I got a lot of helpful feedback from other writer's in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest and 2) I had finally finished the 4th book in the series and realized that my writing style had improved immensely in 8 years, and that my first book was not at all up to the standard of the conclusion of the series.

All that is left is to get the final cover and upload it to CreateSpace, and 5 days from then I will have the proof copy IN HAND! How exciting!!! Yes, I'm overusing exclamation points, it's ok, I mean them.

1 comment:

NanJ said...

This is REALLY exciting news!!!
Love your determination and "Stick-to-it-iveness!" :D
Love you, my favorite author!