July 25, 2012

Things That Will Make Your Day

As an author, especially a self-published, debut author just getting started in the world of marketing and promoting your books, sometimes it can feel like a thankless job. Sure there's the intrinsic motivation to write because it's what you love to do, and sure there's the satisfaction you get when you finish a story or see that you sold a book or two, but by and large there's very little feedback from people you don't know personally. Sometimes it can seem like the only people who care are just the people who care about me because they're family and they "have" to. And while (at least for me) that is normally enough to keep me at it anyway, there are also moments where it can feel like the mountain is just too big to keep climbing. It can feel like there's nothing really waiting at the top anyway, even if you could reach it.

And then... then you get a letter like this one:  

"Dear Ms. Schmidt, I read the book King's Warrior and I really enjoyed the book and how many twists and turns there were, it always kept me guessing. ... Thanks again."

or like this one  

"Dear Ms. Schmidt, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book "King's Warrior." I found it to be an exciting adventure with intriguing characters. It left me wanting more!"

Both of these letters are from people I don't personally know. And that absolutely makes my day. Thank YOU, dear readers, for reminding me that it isn't the top that's important, it's the climb.

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