August 30, 2012

Posting on a Regular Basis

I doubt I will ever post on a regular basis. Life will always become too busy, to complicated, too... something.

However, I do want to post a little more regularly here, and if I don't tell you, dear reader, then I won't actually do it. So here is what you can expect. I will post on Tuesdays.

Yep. One day a week is all I can guarantee for now. I will also post Featured Artist Friday posts when (and only when) I have an artist to feature. (One is coming tomorrow, all the way from England, if you can believe it!)

I will not promise any specific type of post, but you can expect any of the following:
  • movie reviews
  • book reviews
  • short stories I've written or am working on
  • poems I've written
  • excerpts of my novels
  • info about giveaways of my book(s)
  • my thoughts on the writing/publishing/marketing process
  • miscellaneous posts on other topics not included above (but relating to writing in some form or another
 Thank you, and have a lovely Labor Day Weekend!

1 comment:

NanJ said...

Sounds like a good deal!
OK, now we'll hold you to this! ;)