February 25, 2011

Tomorrow is a New Day

Or, rather, today is a new day.

Yesterday was kind of a bummer on the writing front. I got cut from the contest at the pitch stage... which means I got cut based on a 300-word synopsis that was supposed to explain what my book is about and make people want to read more. I had gotten a lot of feedback on my pitch, and was told by a few people I don't even know that if my pitch didn't make it, they didn't know what would. Which made me feel a little more on the confident side than I was last year. So getting cut was a little rough.

However, I am an eternal optimist, and staying blue just isn't in my nature. (the fact that I sold a copy of each of my books last night/this morning doesn't hurt, either). I didn't let the day close before I had submitted a query to an agent. I also have found at least a dozen or so other agents that I plan to query in the next few days/weeks.

I do have to get a synopsis written. I had one, but then I re-wrote my entire novel... the synopsis is still mostly accurate, but I should probably write a new/current one.

So for now, it's onward and upward!


Sue A. Maynard - Author, Carving The Light said...

Ack! So sorry to hear you got cut, lady. You've got the right attitude, though - GOOD for you in getting a query off same day, too! I made the cut, but will be querying soon, as well. I'd never written a pitch before this contest (and huge props to the pitch thread for helping me out), and the idea of a synopsis seems even harder to me! lol But I know I should really get one written before I start sending stuff off, just in case some agent somewhere asks for it.
Man, for all the time and effort and WORK put into this, I wish we could get PAID for the full time job it feels like sometimes!

Hang in there - keep pushing through, and keep writing and getting it out there. All the best - I will be watching for you! :)

Fantasy Writer said...

Hey Sue! Thanks for leaving me a comment!

I started a synopsis thread over on the discussion boards, maybe we can all work together and hone our synopses like we did for our pitches! I see there's a query thread started too! That's the think I love about the ABNA the most: writers coming together to help each other become better writers (or at least better at selling what we've written)!