February 21, 2011

What Readers Are Saying

Sometimes it's nice to get reviews from people who have read your book. Just thought I'd share what readers are saying about "The Dragon's Eye."

And a big THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to either review my book at Amazon or left me feedback over on my createspace preview!


A good story has an interesting plot.  A Great Story has people that we want to root for.  Every Great Story and Every Great Movie has characters that we LOVE.  "The Dragon's Eye" is that kind of story.

A Heroic, Romantic, Dangerous, Clever, Unique, and Wholesome Adventure satisfying the  audience that desperately yearns for ALL OF THE ABOVE.   

Wholesome does not mean Boring.  In this case it means Fantastic, with Heroes that inspire and  Enemies who are Capable while both are Dangerous.   

The Romance is Sweet and Desireable, and remains that way.  The Scene where Brant "gently grabs Dylanna's wrist" is as powerful a love scene as any that Hollywood could create, only Hollywood has forgotten that art.

"The Dragon's Eye" opens the readers mind and heart to the Quadrilogy of Tellurae Aquaous, but more importantly it introduces us to some of our Favorite Literary Heroes in Brant, Kiernan, Kamarie, Oraeyn, Dylanna, and a host of others that we get to know in the course of these adventures.

If that qualifies as WHOLESOME, then "sign me up".


This book is captivating and addictive. The writing is smooth and easy to follow, the characters become friends, and your really want to discover what they will do in particular situations. I would highly recommend this to anybody who enjoys a good fantasy read, and its completely appropriate for different age groups. The books is not perfect, however the influences are from the classics in the genre that made me love this type of book, and this has plenty of the plot meanderings that make it a great book. I highly recommend it.


I read this book in 5 days. I could not set it down. The characters come to life on every page, and I wish there was more!
For those of us who love fantasty, anything to do with dragons, middle age lifestyle, swords, heroism, all that good stuff... This book is outstanding.
I cannot wait to read more from this author, her characters are quite compelling. 


I didn't read the entire excerpt(I have a very short attention span), but I was struck by your use of language. You've got an excellent feel for it, and you write in a pleasing and lyrical tone.

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