April 04, 2011

Poetry Corner

Some Dreams Do

“Once upon a time…”
Or so the story goes,
And then in perfect rhyme
The fairytale flows.

To the beautiful, captive princess
The perfect prince or knight
Rides to save her from distress
And everything ends all right.

But “once upon a time” isn’t now,
Not all tears end in laughter,
And we can’t always see how
It could end “happily ever after.”

Life isn’t a fairytale, it’s real
Still, things aren’t always as they seem;
Though it becomes painful
Cling tightly to your dreams.

No, there is no perfect rhyme,
And perfect knights are few,
No “once upon a time,”
Yet, some dreams do come true.

~Jenelle Leanne Schmidt


NanJ said...

Our lives... "tales of the kingdom... WILL end "happily ever after... because we've chosen to follow The King! :-)

brittanicajr said...

I love this poem. What a reminder: "Life isn't a fairytale, it's real... Yet, some dreams do come true..."
I love this.