April 29, 2011


Alright, so, as many of you know, I am working on a new story (possibly a new series, we'll see where it goes). Thought you might be interested in some insight into my writing process today I will give you a very short synopsis as to what this new story is about (kind of like what you'd get if you picked the book up in the bookstore, flipped it over, and read the back cover). Next week, I'll give you some of the back-story, the place where we started this writing endeavor (many of the ideas for this new story are from my husband, hence the "we" there). I rarely ever write completely alone - I need people to bounce ideas off of... thankful my family is so willing to be my sounding board so often!

Ok, so, this new story, so far, is called "Grayden's Tale" - but that's just my working title... will come up with a better one later on. Here's the short synopsis so far:

In the small village of Dalsea lives a young man named Grayden. He and his best friend, Wynn, have recently been accepted to the Academy, a training ground for warriors. As they begin their journey away from everything familiar into the vast unknown of the future, they take with them all their doubts about leaving home and their excitement about a new adventure.

On the eve before they embark on their long journey across the country to the Academy, however, Grayden discovers an old man living high up in the mysterious tower on the outskirts of town, a tower everyone thought long abandoned. The old man, Dalmir, is angry with Grayden for disturbing his quiet contemplation. Despite his anger, something makes him come down from his tower, and invite himself along on Grayden and Wynn’s journey to the Academy.

Traveling with this enigmatic old man, whose face and energy bely his white hair and beard, Grayden and Wynn aren’t sure what to think. They find themselves awed and a little frightened of him, as well as curious about how he has managed to survive at the top of the tower without anyone seeing him or knowing about him for all these years.
As they travel through cities, fly in the amazing airships, and get hijacked by pirates - turning their journey into a far greater adventure than they ever hoped for - the two young country boys begin to grow up into the realization that the world is more vast and complex than they ever dreamed.

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