July 20, 2011

Series Name part 2

Okay, a few of you have had a hard time finding the poll I put up on my fanpage. So, here are the options I threw out there. (And again, alternate options are welcomed!)

1. The Minstrel's Song

2. The Second Son Prophecies

3. Forging the Great King

4. The Sword and Mandolin Chronicles

5. The Song of the Minstrel

6. The Minstrel Chronicles/Saga/Series/


NanJ said...

Of the names on your list, I think my first choice would be . . . hmmmm. . .think, think, think.....
Forging the Great King.

However, if it really is more about the Minstrel throughout the series. . .and we're only led to believe it's about the king. . . then keep the secret by calling it Forging the Great King... to throw people off.
But, if it's more about forging a great king, then call it
The Minstrel's Song. . .
If it IS HIS "song"... the story HE is telling, then
The Minstrel's Song
has a good ring to it.
Is this helpful or totally frustrating? ;-)
Love you!

Nathalie Carol said...

I like The Minstrel's Song or The Sword and Mandolin Chronicles, though I feel like it should be The Sword and *the* Mandolin... maybe I'm being too nitpicky? :) I hadn't realized you had this blog - it's fun to see what you're doing with your writing!