July 13, 2011

Series Name

Over on my facebook fanpage I am running a "vote" of sorts for name for the series of books that I have written.

Originally the titles for the four books were:
1. The Dragon's Eye
2. Dawn of the Dragon's Eye
3. Twilight of the Dragon's Eye
4. The Minstrel

I am in the final stages of editing/cover design and will be starting the effort to republish the first book (and subsequently the rest of the series over the next couple of years). I am retitling the four books (well, the first three anyway) as follows:

1. King's Warrior
2. Second Son
3. Ancient Flame (I'm not sold on this one yet, and am still open to different ideas)
4. The Minstrel

What I really need, at this point, is a name for the series. So that inside the book or in small letters somewhere on the cover I can have: "Book 1 of the .................. series/chronicles/cycle/saga/etc"

Check out the poll and cast your vote! (Or suggest a different idea if you don't like any of the options)


NanJ said...

I don't see where the options for the "poll" are.

Fantasy Writer said...

They're on my facebook fanpage...