May 04, 2011

Back Story for Grayden's Tale

Don't want to give away too much. I haven't decided if this back story is worthy of its own book, or if I should just weave it into Grayden's story... I like both ideas equally at the moment. Here is some of the story behind Dalmir - this is more of an outline - lets you see my thinking process a little:

The world is at war - One of the Kings involved in the war has seven sons. It is customary for all the royal family to at some point go to the Library and study. However, the king sends all 7 of his sons at this point to try to find some wisdom or knowledge regarding their desperate situation and how to bring about peace to their land.

7 sons go to the Library (which is located somewhere off the mainland). While studying at the Library guests may eat from the fruit trees to sustain themselves, they may drink of the river to quench their thirst and they may read from any book in the Library. They may ask the Librarian (a woman... some sort of fairy folk) for assistance. However, the two rules of the Library are that you are not to eat from the silver tree, nor are you to drink from the waters of the crystal lake.

Uun (the middle brother) breaks both these rules - he is the “man of action” and he believes that the rules of the Library are meant to be broken. After 3-4 days of reading and studying in the Library, he is restless and eager for some bigger solution. He justifies and rationalizes the danger his people are in until he absolutely believes that the silver tree and the lake are there for the very courageous, and that by breaking the rules he may gain the knowledge and wisdom and perhaps power that is needed to save his people and bring his father the answer he needs. So, he gathers up fruit from the silver tree and a pouch of water from the lake and serves the “forbidden meal” to himself and his brothers (who do not realize what they are eating and drinking).

As they consume the food and drink, the floor begins to quake and the Librarian appears. She tells them that since they disobeyed the rules, they are no longer welcome in the Library. She informs them that because of their transgression, the Library is closing and tells them that they must now bear the responsibility of the Library for all time.

The brothers return and discover that they have been imbued with magic and as time passes and they do not grow older they realize they have also been given immortality. Gradually ascending in power, the 7 brothers (now wizards) become the advisers and eventual leaders of the people. They begin to build/create Universities (smaller versions of the Library they destroyed). They reign/advise/teach for 5000 years of peace and knowledge (the Enlightened Age).

The brothers see their punishment as a blessing. They are able to help people. They have each other for company. They have power and magic and respect. However, unbeknownst to all of them, Uun sees, and has always seen, their punishment as an unfair curse. At last, he decides to do something about it.

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